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forms Library

An innovative and simple solution for everything to do with forms

formsLibrary is suited for wide range of service oriented industries such as municipalities, morgage brokers, lawyers, universities, real-estate agents and many more. Our solution is powered by customized electronic forms that look familiar to users, but offer unique functionalities for data capture and workflow improvement.

Our innovative product is revolutionizing the way paper-based form processing is conducted

formsLibrary empowers service providers by automating document submission, capturing data and streamlining operations; while keeping end-users and reviewers in total control of the entire process. Such unique combinations of features allow service-providers to focus on their core mission – delivering services.

The system also allows you to manage clients, assign them forms and allow them to complete it from their home using mobile devices....and all that without asking them to register for the portal. Service providers can simply assign the necessary forms, send a link via email or text and they are all set !!!

Use of formsLibrary for School, Lawyer, Personal Loan, Realtor etc.

How does formsLibrary help your clients?

Search Forms

Search forms

Submit forms

Submit forms

Eliminate papers

Eliminate papers

Track the progress

Track the progress

Collect digital signature

Collect digital signature

Process pay

Pay processing fee via secured system

Resubmit documents

Re-submit additional documents or incomplete forms

Download approved form

Download submitted or approved form for record-keeping

How does it help your business?

Organizations that are 'paper-heavy' implement formsLibrary as the most important steps towards automation. By using our technology, organizations reduce costs, prevent waste, eliminate unnecessary tasks, and avoid errors that would otherwise impact their core business.

Few examples of such improvements are 'saving time by eliminating the need to travel for filling the forms' or 'allow clients to track progress' or 'enable two-way secure communication between clients and providers' or 'enhance business service by letting clients re-submit the same form with corrections'...

  • Collect fee. Process forms only when it is ready
  • Capture eSignature. No need to pay for third-party tool
  • Be Efficient. Manage clients using web or mobile devices
  • Improve Productivity. Let the reviewers have every tools they need
  • Ensure your client communication is cost effective, efficient and easy:
    • Ask for additional documents,
    • Provide advice for incomplete forms,
    • Notify clients of approval or rejection, and
    • Whatever other communication needs your business has
  • Eliminate time consuming and costly post office mails
  • Enable document tracking, eSignature, auditing & much more…
Forms Library