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Clinical Decision Support Library

Making clinical decisions support smarter...

cdsLibrary - is not merely a content management system but a redesign of complicated clinical procedure, integrating modern technology at key points to improve and optimize the work flow. With capability to integrate any clinical logic within the guideline or ordersets, it takes the clinical decision support tools to the next level; helping organizations to incorporate the eveidence based clinical knowledge into ordersets and guidelines to uniquely serve their specific needs.

cdsLibrary brings clinical content to clinicians where they need it most - 'at their fingertips'

With integrated logic to auto populate the information, it lessens the chance of human error. It reduces transcription error while increasing order accuracy and reliability. These are just some of the features in our decision support system. This solution is customizable to fit any organization’s needs from small rural clinics to large hospitals.

Use of cdsLibrary as reference tool, centralized repository or integrated with your EMR system

How does cdsLibrary help your clinicians?

Search OrderSets

Search OrderSets

Integrate forms with EMR

Integrate ordersets with EMR

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Eliminate/Minimize manual data entry

Enhance the use of standardrized content

Enhance the use of Standardrized Content

Collect digital signature

Collect Digital Signature

Integrate Clinical Logic

Integrate Clinical Logic

Promote Standard of Care

Promote Standard of Care

Provide Clinical Evidence within OrderSets

Provide Clinical Evidence within OrderSets

How does it help your organization?

Organizations implement cdsLibrary as the most important steps towards creating a central repository for their clinical content. There are many software solutions for ordersets and clinical guidelines in the market. cdsLibrary offers also offers all these common tools. What makes it unique and most sought-after solutions is its ability to incorporate any clinical logic, include appropriate risk calculators in the orderset and enable different care-plans based on those risk score.

Include any clinical logic inside clinical decision support

cdsLibrary enhances the adoption of ordersets and clinical guidelines by clinicians and improves patient outcomes. The cost of non-standarized care are well-known; any organization can do better with the deployment of cdsLibrary IT solutions in their practice.

  • Providing straightforward clinical decision support
  • Supporting coverage of multiple patient problems by linking various order sets
  • Reducing delays either due to incomplete or inconsistent orders
  • Reducing transcription errors
  • Apart from reducing errors and saving time, order sets make life easy for physicians and improve the care provided to patients individually by;
    • Mixing evidence with guidelines
    • Easing access to diagnosis based ordersets
    • Defaulting routine patient care orders allows the physicians to focus on specific patient needs
  • Patients to undergo faster treatment
  • Production of better outcomes & much more…